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DATA:2010-09-13 21:40

Product Code : LTRE-A-MC

LED Tree is for holiay decoration, party decoration. Our LED Trees are waterproof, cool to the touch, energy efficient, long-lasting with high quality and different colors of LED. when it is light at night, It is a fabulous sight with different colors.

Technical Specification:

Average Life Span
50,000 Hours


LED Tree LT-0013
Item # Color Wattage
LT-0013R Red 155W
LT-0013Y Yellow 155W
LT-0013B Blue 155W
LT-0013G Green 233W
LT-0013W White 233W
LT-0013P Pink 233W
LT-0013RGB RGB 233W
LT-0013M RGB in One Blossom 621W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 2.8m / 9'2"
Height 3m / 9'10"
Branches 36
Blossoms 3888
Package 90*60*52, 130*22*20, 155*32*32
Transformer Included
LT-0014R Red 250W
LT-0014Y Yellow 250W
LT-0014B Blue 380W
LT-0014G Green 380W
LT-0014W White 380W
LT-0014P Pink 380W
LT-0014RGB RGB 380W
LT-0014M RGB in One Blossom 1000W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 4m / 13'1"
Height 4.3m / 14'1"
Branches 24
Blossoms 5184
Package 130*45*45, 156*23*20, 180*32*32
Transformer Included
LT-0015R Red 340W
LT-0015Y Yellow 340W
LT-0015B Blue 500W
LT-0015G Green 500W
LT-0015W White 500W
LT-0015P Pink 500W
LT-0015RGB RGB 500W
LT-0015M RGB in One Blossom 1340W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 4.5m / 14'9"
Height 5m / 16'4"
Branches 32
Blossoms 6912
Package 130*45*60, 156*23*20, 245*32*32
Transformer Included
LT-0018R Red 483W
LT-0018Y Yellow 483W
LT-0018B Blue 725W
LT-0018G Green 725W
LT-0018W White 725W
LT-0018P Pink 725W
LT-0018RGB RGB 725W
LT-0018M RGB in One Blossom 2000W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 6m / 19'8"
Height 8m / 26'/2"
Branches 56
Blossoms 12096
Package 130*45*50, 130*65*45, 600*32*32
Transformer Included

LED Tree LT-0023
LT-0023R Red 110W
LT-0023Y Yellow 110W
LT-0023B Blue 150W
LT-0023G Green 150W
LT-0023W White 150W
LT-0023P Pink 150W
LT-0023RGB RGB 150W
LT-0023M RGB in One Blossom 240W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 2.6m / 8'6"
Height 3.5m / 11'5"
Branches 29
Blossoms 2088
Package 100*50*45, 325*32*32
Transformer Included

LED Tree LT-0031
LT-0031R Red 35W
LT-0031Y Yellow 35W
LT-0031B Blue 50W
LT-0031G Green 50W
LT-0031W White 50W
LT-0031P Pink 50W
LT-0031RGB RGB 50W
LT-0031M RGB in One Blossom 135W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 1.8m / 5'10"
Height 1.7m / 5'6"
Branches 9
Blossoms 648
Package 88*28*28
Transformer Included
LT-0032R Red 35W
LT-0032Y Yellow 35W
LT-0032B Blue 50W
LT-0032G Green 50W
LT-0032W White 50W
LT-0032P Pink 50W
LT-0032RGB RGB 50W
LT-0032M RGB in One Blossom 135W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 1.8m / 5'10"
Height 2.5m / 8'2"
Branches 9
Blossoms 648
Package 88*28*28
Transformer Included

LED Tree LT-0042
LT-0042R Red 35W
LT-0042Y Yellow 35W
LT-0042B Blue 50W
LT-0042G Green 50W
LT-0042W White 50W
LT-0042P Pink 50W
LT-0042RGB RGB 50W
LT-0042M RGB in One Blossom 135W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 1.7m / 5'6
Height 2m / 6'6"
Branches 9
Blossoms 648
Package 100*34*34
Transformer Included

LED Tree LT-0050
LT-0050R Red 10W
LT-0050Y Yellow 10W
LT-0050B Blue 15W
LT-0050G Green 15W
LT-0050W White 15W
LT-0050P Pink 15W
LT-0050RGB RGB 15W
LT-0050M RGB in One Blossom 45W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 0.8m / 2'7"
Height 0.8m / 2'7"
Branches 1
Blossoms 196
Package 90*20*20
Transformer Included

LED Tree LT-0062
LT-0062R Red 45W
LT-0062Y Yellow 45W
LT-0062B Blue 90W
LT-0062G Green 90W
LT-0062W White 90W
LT-0062P Pink 90W
LT-0062RGB RGB 90W
LT-0062M RGB in One Blossom 225W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 2.5m / 8'2"
Height 2.5m / 8'2"
Branches 21
Blossoms 1512
Package 86*60*40, 153*32*32
Transformer Included

LED Tree LT-0072
LT-0072R Red 108W
LT-0072Y Yellow 108W
LT-0072B Blue 162W
LT-0072G Green 162W
LT-0072W White 162W
LT-0072P Pink 162W
LT-0072RGB RGB 162W
LT-0072M RGB in One Blossom 432W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 2.8m / 9'2"
Height 2.8m / 9'2"
Branches 25
Blossoms 2700
Package 100*50*45, 100*32*32
Transformer Included

LED Tree LT-0082
LT-0082R Red 108W
LT-0082Y Yellow 108W
LT-0082B Blue 162W
LT-0082G Green 162W
LT-0082W White 162W
LT-0082P Pink 162W
LT-0082RGB RGB 162W
LT-0082M RGB in One Blossom 432W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 0.6m / 23"
Height 0.5m / 19"
Branches 1
Blossoms 84
Package 65*15*15
Transformer Included

LED Tree LT-0090
LT-0090R Red 10W
LT-0090Y Yellow 10W
LT-0090B Blue 15W
LT-0090G Green 15W
LT-0090W White 15W
LT-0090P Pink 15W
LT-0090RGB RGB 15W
LT-0090M RGB in One Blossom 40W
Voltage 24V
Diameter 0.6m / 23"
Height 0.65m / 25"
Branches 1
Blossoms 132
Package 60*25*30
Transformer Included


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