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LED Tube

DATA:2010-09-15 17:22
LED Tube

LED Tube
Product Code : HLD

The LED Tube performs one single color. It is water-proof, durable, extendable and over 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescents tubes, Great to illuminate bars, lounges, club foyers, restaurants, architectural applications.

Technical Specification:

Average Life Span
100,000 Hours

Product Code
HLD-1-Y 120V 60 Yellow    
HLD-1-R 120V 60 Red Clear / Milky Φ50mm*1m
HLD-1-W 120V 120 White Clear / Milky Φ50mm*1m
HLD-1-B 120V 120 Blue Clear / Milky Φ50mm*1m
HLD-1-E 120V 120 True Green Clear / Milky Φ50mm*1m
HLD-1-C 120V 180 Full Color(RGB) Clear / Milky Φ50mm*1m
HLD-14-Y 24V 108 Yellow Clear / Milky Φ80mm*1m
HLD-14-R 24V 108 Red Clear / Milky Φ80mm*1m
HLD-14-W 24V 108 White Clear / Milky Φ80mm*1m
HLD-14-B 24V 108 Blue Clear / Milky Φ80mm*1m
HLD-14-E 24V 108 True Green Clear / Milky Φ80mm*1m
HLD-14-C 24V 108 Full Color(RGB) Clear / Milky Φ80mm*1m
H1-4C 120V Controller      
H1-4C-24V 24V Controller      

LED Tube And Rainbow Tube Photos


LED Tube


LED Tube


LED Tube


LED Tube


LED Tube

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